The Sonic Application

Sonic Drive-In is one of the most iconic American restaurants. The restaurant has over 50 years of growth and success. If you want to be a part of this success then one of the first things that you must do is fill out the Sonic application form. Now each Sonic Drive-In is independently owned but you can follow this guide for general tips on what you need to know when filling  the printable Sonic application  application.


The first part of the Sonic application is to fill out your personal and contact information. This includes your name, address, and telephone number. If you also have an alternate telephone number you can fill it out here as well. Then you will need to enter your social security number for your W2.



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The next section of the Sonic  application form is to enter the position that you are applying for. If you are filling out your application online this is simply a drop down menu. Your choices are waiter / waitress, manager, store staff, corporate staff, or other. This is followed by enter the date of the form.


After selecting the job you are applying for you will then need to move on to the employment information. Describe how you heard about Sonic and the type of employment you desire. This means either full time, part time, seasonal, or an educational co-op (an internship). Write in your days and hours of availability.


Next on the Sonic Application you will need to answer a few yes or no questions regarding your eligibility for employment. They want to know whether you can be legally employed in the country, are at least 18 years of age, if you have ever been employed at a Sonic Drive-In before, and if you have ever been convicted of a felony.


Now once you answer the yes and no questions you will then need to enter your previous work experience information. If possible try to include at least 2 previous employers. Make sure you have their name, address, phone number, the position you held there, and the dates in which you were employed there. It is then up to the manager to follow up with these employers to verify your previous employment.


Following your previous work experience the Sonic application asks you to list your education. Include your highest levels of education and any certificates or degrees that you may have. Include your course of study and how many years you completed towards that degree.


Next you will need to enter your references. Provide at least 2 references, their phone number, and your relationship to that reference. They may or may not contact your references so you may want to notify your references that they might be contacted regarding your Sonic application form.


If you have a resume be sure to attach it at the end of the application. It is not specifically stated that you must have a resume in order to apply for a job at Sonic but it certainly helps. At the very least it will help expedite the application process so that you might get hired sooner. 

Sonic Job Positions

If you want to work at Sonic there are several Sonic job positions available which are divided into two main categories. There are the drive-in jobs at Sonic and the corporate jobs at Sonic. Each offers an exciting career path that is both fun and challenging. Below is a further explanation of the job positions you may fill in on your Sonic application.


For a corporate career path at Sonic you will be pleased to know that the environment is far from mundane. The home office features a fast paced, collaborative environment. Some of the key job categories for the corporate office include human resources, business development, information technology, application support analysts, product developers, and quality assurance analyst. Of course there are more job positions but these are the ones that are most commonly available through the corporate office and not the traditional  Sonic application form you find in the restaurant locations.


One of the more popular job positions at Sonic is a product developer. They help execute the ongoing development of new product innovations, product improvement initiatives, and menu optimization projects. Foodies are strongly encouraged to apply for these positions. This is another position that you might not be able to apply for through the traditional “in-store” paper Sonic application. Contact corporate headquarters for more information.


Another area of high need are the information technology jobs and analyst jobs. These include support and quality assurance analysts. These job positions help maintain the backbone of communication with the company. This includes system-wide initiatives, store network management, vendor management, project management and support.


A third area of a corporate position with Sonic is with business development. These jobs include the deployment of company-wide initiatives, monitoring of sales, profits, and operating standards, training, and consulting. These job positions launch new Sonic franchises and help maintain and grow existing Sonic franchises.


A drive-in career is one that works at a specific Sonic restaurant. Here there are several key positions as well. These include managers, car hops, crew members, and cooks. Each job position is vital to the operation of the Sonic drive-in restaurants.


Managers of Sonic restaurants are responsible for the hiring and development of employees as well as the operation of the restaurant. A manager must exhibit leadership qualities and be able to make the tough decisions that keep a restaurant operational.


Car hops are what makes Sonic unique. For over 50 years the car hop is what distinguishes Sonic. Customers order their food and car hops bring out the orders right to the customer where they can then enjoy their meal in the comfort of their own car. A simply unique experience.


Crew members do all the behind the scenes work of Sonic. They help maintain a clean atmosphere and pleasant dining experience. They also operate the switchboards, basic stations, prepare drinks, treats, and help package the orders to be taken out to the customer.


The job positions for cooks is one that prepares all of the meals for the customers. They prepare basic menu items and do so in a fast paced environment. A cook a Sonic must be able to prepare food quickly and efficiently.


Of course there are more job positions available but these are the main job position categories at Sonic Drive-In. Each carries on the spirit of having fun while working at America’s Drive-In. Thanks for visiting, be sure to check out our other articles on Sonic and the Sonic application.